Santa_in_SleighTechnology and the Internet has changed the art of Santa tracking. NORAD would have the world believe they invented the art in 1955 but in reality the anticipation of Santa Claus is a tradition familiar in many cultures over centuries of time.

The Dutch famously await Santa, giving him a separate and long celebration on the calendar, usually weeks before Christmas. In Germany, Italy and the UK ancient traditions tied to seasonal gift-bringers meant leaving out gifts and food. Children would modify their behavior and parents would sternly warn of misdeeds for weeks in advance of Santa’s coming.

In the 19th century Santa Claus was wildly popular. Clement Clark Moore’s poem — A Visit from St. Nicholas — rightfully sits as the cultural launching of the popularity of Santa in America and almost on it’s own it built anticipation for Santa’s coming each holiday season through newspaper reprints for delighted holiday readers.

President Lincoln famously used the image of Santa as a friend to the Union cause and was so effective that he had Southern parents telling their children that not even Santa could get through the blockades. Santa’s image by that point in history was so prolific the first department store Santas began meeting with children in large cities all over America. Since that time Santa’s yearly arrival has been anticipated with joy.

As technology has expanded so too has the various means of learning about and tracking Santa each Christmas season. We aim to bring those anticipating Santa together — websites, social media feeds, YouTube channels, phone carriers, television and radio stations — all who care and follow Santa we invite to gather here with us.

Our goal is to learn of each other’s traditions, to share information and to grow audience awareness of all the vast Santa offerings out there.

Whether you are looking for a place to track Santa or you head up a Santa tracking operation we want you to find a merry home here with us.